Seamless functionality is the starting point of all our design

Apart from creating genuinely beautiful living spaces, our aim is to bring simplicity and intuitiveness in their everyday use. Every element of the Marina Dorćol has been carefully thought through.

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An open-gated community

Marina Dorćol will be an open-gated community, a welcoming space not only for its residents but for all comers. We have especially focused on the rejuvenation of the quayside area. The new two-tier layout will feature a lower level that provides access to a space for activities from rollerblading to water sports.

Meanwhile, the upper level will consist of a leafy promenade with a Mediterranean feel—a place where visitors and residents alike can take in views over the Danube while browsing the stores, or enjoy a drink or meal at one of Marina Dorćol’s outstanding cafés and restaurants.

Postaments and private gardens

Residents can escape the bustle of the promenade in the immersive green refuge of Marina Dorćol’s postaments. Located just above ground level, the postaments will offer a perfect place to stroll, relax with a good book, or enjoy the company of loved ones in the fresh riverside air. Apart from the resident communal areas, it is here that we build private gardens for apartment owners.

This allows us to offer what we deem the utmost luxury in living – a unique ability to enjoy the tranquility of your own private garden right in the city-centre, which you access directly from your living-room or bedroom. 

Generously proportioned terraces and unperturbed views

The same principle is applied to apartments on the upper levels: each will be surrounded in its entirety by a generously proportioned terrace adorned in lush, well maintained vegetation. In this way, in every apartment we create the right atmosphere and a strong impression that even though you live in an urban development, the quality of living is that of a private house.

Our architecture of lower, narrower and rounded buildings by the river, as well as their carefully thought-through positioning ensures not only the unperturbed views of the Danube but also the right amount of sunshine in all of the Marina’s apartments.

Lush greenery

Now more than ever, green spaces play a vital role in our lives as we become increasingly aware of the benefits of connecting with nature. Vegetation also provides natural cooling, humidity regulation and shade. We’ve used all our experience to create a community alive with dense flora that fills the space between the apartment buildings and blends into the park designed around the old power plant, providing plenty of opportunities to relax in the shade or walk the gardens with friends and family.

Newly created green streets surrounding the apartment buildings will be sensitively integrated with the existing urban network to give Belgradians access to the marina. These streets will also cater to residents’ every need, with stores whose interiors are designed to complement the overall aesthetic of Marina Dorćol. Other necessary infrastructure, such as car parking, maintenance and storage, are underground or otherwise hidden so as to preserve the area’s beauty. 

Building and tree

Bauhaus beauty

Belgrade has a rich history and a piece of this past lies at the heart of Marina Dorćol: the former power plant that once supplied the city with electricity and whose clean, angular lines will complement the graceful curvature of its forthcoming neighbours. Built in the 1930s by Swiss engineers from Basel in the Bauhaus style, this architectural gem will house the Nikola Tesla Museum.

Meanwhile, the area surrounding the museum will undergo a sensitive transformation. A new park will be created next to the power plant, while the old crane—itself a significant technical monument—will add to the area’s unique scenery. A newly constructed fly-bridge within the crane will provide access to a vantage point with views across the marina to the rivers beyond, bringing the past into the present.

In addition, history bequeathed the area with one more impressive monument: the old pumping station in the heart of the bay. Also designed in the Bauhaus style, this building will be carefully renovated and assigned a new function that will serve Marina Dorćol’s residents and visitors.

The community will be further enhanced with the construction of the Linijski park along the old railway line that runs south of the area. The park will be linked to the marina by Marina Dorćol Gate, which will consist of two squares and a green urban line that will open through the new buildings and onto the promenade, where a sweeping view of the marina and river awaits.

Meet the Creators

Stanislav Fiala

Stanislav Fiala is an award-winning Czech architect. Fiala’s architecture is characterized by its seamless immersion into the surroundings in which it is developed and its brutalist aesthetic. A trademark of his buildings are its green facades and green roofs. Fiala’s buildings inspire and surprise, they are different and are always at the edge of architecture and art.

Stanislav Fiala’s work is world renowned. Among others, his projects have been recognized through numerous awards, including the „Building of the year “, „Mayor of Prague award“, „Architect of the Year“, as well as the „Phaidon Atlas of contemporary world architecture“ awards. In 2000 he was a nominated finalist for the “Mies van der Rohe Award” for his work on the MUZO office building in Strašnice, Prague, as well as for the development of the DRN office building on Národní třída, in the UNESCO protected area of central Prague.

Jelena Kuzmanović

Jelena Kuzmanović has been awarded the grand-prix of the 33rd Salon of Architecture, the main award for Architecture at the 34th Salon, the „Ranko Radović“ award, as well as the 44th ULUPUDS May exhibition award. Jelena Kuzmanović’s work was also nominated for the Mies van de Rohe award. Her projects include commercial buildings, residential objects, sports and culture objects as well as reconstructions and revitalisations of architectural heritage buildings. Her architecture always strives to unite the landscape, the light and the spirit of the space in which it is developed into a harmonious whole.

Stanislav Fiala and Jelena Kuzmanović (on the left) with their team at “Kuzmanović + Fiala”
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