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What you’ll find in Marina Dorćol

At Marina Dorćol you will be able to enjoy a waterfront dining experience on the promenade of restaurants and cafés overlooking the Danube, sit back and take in the bustling market and river environments, browse the offerings in one of the new boutiques and eclectic book shops, meet up in gathering places coming to life with festivals, performances and riverside concerts or simply wander in lush, green areas that will offer numerous romantic backdrops for photographs.

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Creating a pleasant environment and a vibrant community for residents and visitors alike is the foundation, the idea that informed every decision we made in creating Marina Dorćol.

In striving to achieve this goal we maintain ownership of all the retail spaces, so as to not only create a perfect tenant mix, but also to keep control of the aesthetics and the noise levels, working hours and delivery schedules, thus always ensuring the right levels of comfort for those who live at or are visiting Marina Dorćol.

Retail options in Marina Dorćol

Each area at Marina Dorćol has its own personality and character. From the premier destination for gourmets, an eclectic mix for discerning shoppers to the perfect place to work out or relax, there’s something for everyone.

Waterside quay
The waterside quay by the Danube will feature eateries, caffes and services for residents and visitors alike, offering both indoor and outdoor seating for unforgettable dining experiences.
Wave building ground floor
Linijski park adjacent areas
Powerplant crane area


Marina Dorcol offers amenities to make your visit a pleasant, seamless experience. Please visit the Concierge Desk for information and further assistance Marina Dorćol is offering additional services such as lost and found, wheelchair assistance and transportation support.

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What you’ll find in Marina Dorćol

Restaurants and bars
Health clinics
Specialist foodstores
Advance learning centres

Parking in Marina Dorćol

All parking at Marina Dorćol is underground. Parking spaces will be generously proportioned, above standard sizes, allowing for a relaxed entry and exit from the garage. Garages will house supercharger facilities for electric vehicles.

Oversized parking spaces
Relaxed entry and exit
Professional carwash services
EV charging points
100 visitor parking spaces
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